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Mold Inspections Performed By Experts

Ensure that there are no toxic molds on your establishment with the assistance of Westech Environmental LLC in Sacramento, California. We perform thorough mold inspections on residential and commercial properties. If any mold is found, our inspector will give suggestions on how to clean it up.

How Is an Inspection Performed?

Our staff will take samples from the air and various surfaces. We will use what we gathered to find out if there is mold, what type of mold it is, and whether it is able to grow in other areas.

Mold Clearance

A mold clearance verifies whether or not mold has been adequately removed before reconstruction. It also satisfies disclosure requirements for buyers in the event of sales transfer.

Things You Should Now

Molds and fungus produce a toxic substance called Mycotoxins, which causes several serious health issues in humans and animals. Its effects range from short term irritation to cancer.

If you find any toxic mold in your structure, you should seek advice from individuals such as an industrial hygienist, public health official, and medical professional. We will refer you to a professional who can help you get rid of the mold, after an inspection.

Mold Inspection


The cost of a standard inspection that includes two air samples, one swab sample, and a fully documented inspection, runs from $350 to $800, depending on the experience of the inspector. Any price above or below this range should be compared to at least two other bids.